Reach for the Stars Award
This award is given to freshmen and/or sophomore students who through commitment, hard work, and determination bring the performance to a level of expertise that matches or exceeds expectations. This person is a “director’s dream” because they respond to direction, consistently perform at a high level, and demonstrate enormous creativity and potential.

Outstanding Performance Award
The Outstanding Performance Awards is given to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding acting ability in a production. The receipeint has not only shown decision, discipline and perseverance in developing his/her acting skills, but has challenged herself/himself with enormous risk taking. In the field of acting, the risks taken are both personal and public, and they often transform an audience. The recipients of this award exemplifies a sense of daring, while always remaining committed to the entire ensemble and the overall production. He/she is a role model, demonstrates professionalism, and brings others to the level of excellence.

Outstanding Theatre Arts Senior Award (OTAS)
Each year an award is given to one senior that acknowledges the exceptional amount of talent, energy and time he or she has devoted to the theatre program at Apple Valley High School. This senior exemplifies the Apple Valley Theatre program. His/her expertise, whether it is in acting or in the area of technical theatre, is of the highest level of achievement. The honored recipient of this award is clearly a model for future theatre students.

Distinguished Service Award
This award is given to a senior who has demonstrated a multiple year commitment to the theatre program. The dedication, skill, and responsibility shown by this student has been truly been outstanding. The AVHS Theatre Program has been made “richer” by her/his involvement. The service can be in the areas of performance, technical and/or stage management.