Technical Theatre Awards

The NEWBE Award
The Newbie Award is given to freshman and/or sophomore students who have completed their first year of technical theatre. This award is based on dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn that goes above and beyond the expectations of the Technical Director. The recipient is always willing to put forth that extra effort to help make the technical theatre program continue to grow.

Stand-Out Award
This award is given to freshman, sophomore and/or junior students whose work ethic and performance impressed the technical director throughout the entire theatre season. These students continually accomplished their given tasks with purpose and efficiency.

Creative Mind Award
The Creative Mind Award is given to those students who have shown excellent problem solving skills throughout the season. As a technical theatre artist it is essential to be resourceful and imaginative in solving the many technical problems that arise during production. These recipients have demonstrated creative, practical, and inventive problem solving skills during the technical build.

Technical Dedication Award
This award is given to students who clearly show a devotion to technical theatre and rarely miss a build day. They go the extra mile by putting in long hours and staying until all the work is done.

Technical Leadership Award
This award is given to those who demonstrate the leadership qualities needed in all aspects of technical theatre. These qualities include organization, self-motivation, maturity and respect towards directors, designers and fellow students. These recipients have not only proven their ability to excel as students but have the skill to teach their peers and set an example.

Theatre Technician of the Year
The AVHS theatre directors and technical director have chosen to recognize an individual(s) whose contributions in the area of technical theatre have been vital to our productions.  This individual has experience and talent in the technical arts, committed many long hours and demonstrated devotion to the work of the “techie” world.