Booster Club

You may contact the Booster Club by emailing:


President:  Jill Kuzma

Secretary:  Catherine Ockwig

Co-Treasurers: Chris Nechanicky, David Wagle

Concessions Coordinator:  Gina Schroeder

Flower/Candy Sales:  Andrea Sackett

Show T-Shirts/Theater Spirit Wear:  Lisa Halvorson

One-Act Performance Pies:  Kathy Markwell

Tech/Strike Dinners:  Kathy Markwell, Jill Kuzma

Bulletin Board:  Christina Vincent

Senior Citizen Preview Bagels (students) and Refreshments:  Sonia Monson and Alison Westcot

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter):  Jill Kuzma

Website:  Jeremy Olson and Alison Westcot